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My Front Office Portal

The Portal offers tools for creating budgets, managing team income and expenses, and even drafting player contracts, ensuring you have total control over your financials.
Scheduling made simple: set practices and games, manage availability, and maintain open lines of communication with your team and staff, all from one place.
We also focus on education through our League University Education section, providing owner manuals and training videos to help you master team management. Marketing your team effectively is crucial. Our portal includes all the necessary materials to promote your team and games, enhancing public engagement and support.

30 Years of Experience

Portal Tools & Benefits

Below you will find some of the most important tools that are provided in the business portal to assist you in managing your team.

The business office is the largest and most robust section of the portal. In this section, you will have the ability to obtain resources and information to help run your organization.

Portal Benefits include:
  • Business Plan section provides you with Information on how to Create a business plan
  • Incorporation Section provides with information and resources on how to incorporate your Business and file for your EIN.
  • Insurance Section Provides you with information on the AAU insurance program. Once you have purchased your team insurance, you can upload your policy
  • Contract Section provides you with a list of generic team contracts which you can tailor for your organizations use
  • Accounting section designed to assist you with your accounts payable, receivable and P&L
  • Banking & HR Section was designed to assist you with your business HR & banking needs. Everything from Cash Flow and Payroll to end of Year 1099 NEC Reporting
  • Budget Section allows you to build your yearly team & organization budget and operating expenses, which will assist you in helping your organization stay on track for growth
  • Reports section will help you to see what is working in your company, and what is not. With this tool, you can make adjustments and improvements
  • Vendor section was designed to help you keep track of your vendors, and to help you get started, you will find some of the My Front Office approved vendors
  • Staff Directory section you can create all your coaches, cheerleader/dance coordinators and staff profiles.
  • Marketing Section includes information and resources for sports marketing.
  • Order Merchandise section. In this section, you can find League approved merchandise and items.

In most leagues, a full schedule is considered to be 20 games (10 home & 10 away). Some must play a minimum of 16 games to be qualified for the playoffs (8 home & 8 away).

We have designed the scheduling and communications sections with this in mind. Here you can schedule the following:

  • Season Home and Away Games
  • Game Day Players
  • Game Day Coaches & Staff
  • Player Practices
  • Tryouts & Basketball Camps
  • Special Events

We have taken the cumbersome work out of your scheduling and made it convenient for you to communicate availability with your players, cheer/dance coordinator, coaches and staff through the communications feature.

  • You can easily create League required schedules.
  • You will also be able to identify which teams you you want to play based on their insurance status.

In this section, you will be able to enter player profile information as follows:

  • Player Information
  • Player Picture
  • Player Stats
  • Player highlights
  • Player Availability

You will also have the capacity to share profiles via email to:

  • Agents
  • Promoters
  • Sponsors
  • other Players
  • and through social media

Cheerleaders, Coaches  and staff profiles will also be available to upload in the same capacity. With you in mind, we have designed the portal to give access to players, cheerleaders and staff so they can enter and update their own individual profile information.

This section will link direct to the scheduling portal so you can schedule players, staff and cheerleaders for games and practices. 

In this section, you will be able to see all the current national sponsorships.

Once sponsors have been activated, you will have the ability to order banners, merchandise (i.e. uniforms) and products for your games. 

Additionally, you will also find League Level sponsorships.

We recommend checking this section often, as New Sponsor activations will be uploaded frequently. 

In the Education section, you will have the ability to find sports educational resources and information.

The From the League section is only available to teams who’s league have licensed the use of My Front Office. This section was designed to house all the league notifications, updates and information.

Ticket Platforms

Increase your revenue and Fan base by selling tickets online by creating ticketing accounts to sell in person or online.

Some Ticketing platforms you can consider using:

  • Brown Paper Tickets
  • Eventbrite
  • Purple Pass Tickets
  • Ticket Bud

We recommend selling your tickets direct through your website to avoid service fees.

Feel free to contact us at info@myfrontoffice.net to hire one of our VA’s if you need assistance

My Front Office digital business cards are the modern way to share contact information. Digital Cards are also known as electronic business cards.


One major benefit is that they can be shared with anyone, anywhere. My Front Office Digital Cards are created in real time as information is added to the profiles. and can be customized for your sport or industry.

Work Process

Additional Services Offered


Business & Team Branding

Having your team define their brand can have a powerful impact on your team's alignment, effectiveness and engagement with each other and the community. We will create your team logo and help with brand identity.

Website Design & Maintenance

We will setup your hosting account, and design responsive (mobile friendly) websites for your business and team. Once designed, our maintenance team will help provide all the extra help whenever you need it.

Social Media Creation & Management

Social media provides a unique opportunity for you to engage directly with sponsors and fans. We will create or update your social media accounts and assist you with content.

Virtual Assistance

Hiring a virtual assistant can save you time and money. Our VA's are prepped in the art of Basketball Sports Language, and can immediately take tasks off your hands to free you up for other work. Our pool of Virtual Assistants is standing by.

Event Planning

We specializes in event planning. Our business skills and innate ability to organize and plan events of all styles make us an ideal partner for your company. Our staff of dedicated professionals are ready to perform all the necessary functions for your event

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Portal Services & Benefits

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